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Baptist Ministerial College

Baptist Ministerial College
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
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The Baptist College was built on Woodlands Drive in 1859, the architect was J H Paul of Cardiff. The land had been owned by Robert Milligan, he refunded the Baptists half of the purchase price.

The building was designed in Victorian Gothic style and cost £1, 200 to erect.

The Rev. Dr J Ackworth was President 1836 - 1863, he was the father-in law of John Venimore Godwin, resident of Micklefield House.

Several streets off Harrogate Road were named after Dr Ackworth.

    The college closed in the 1970s, for a time it was used as  accommodation for students from Trinity and All Saints College (Brownberrie Lane Horsforth, now a Leeds University Campus), in 1983 it was converted into 17 apartments and is now addressed as Larchmore. (October 2015)

Email from Graham Branston 10th March 2018.

Good morning Carlo,

Hope you are well. Just a couple of points relating to today's image of the former Baptist College; one a correction, one an additional piece of info. The text that reads, "now Leeds University campus" should be amended to read "now Leeds All Saints University campus". It has its own uni. status and is a separate H.E. body to Leeds Uni., though I think my old uni. still validates All Saints higher degrees. Once upon a time I did a bit of part time lecturing there. You probably know that All Saints was opened just over 50 years ago I think, by Shirley Williams when she was Secretary of State for Education.

The additional info. is that Sir Titus Salt attended the opening of the Baptist College. I know the lady whose sitting room was once the college chapel.

High regards as ever,

Graham Branston.


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