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Baptist Burial Ground 2012

Baptist Burial Ground
Baptist Burial Ground
Baptist Burial Ground
Date 2012
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
FB079 & FB080 Photographer Joanne Coultas + F320 & F321 Photographer Ruth Ashton-Ward
Top: September 2012: Here were the remains of the first Baptist Chapel and Burial Ground, the land has been cleared prior to development.
The adjacent orchid nursery has also been demolished and will form part of the new building site. (March 2013)

Upper Middle: September 2012: A notice board announcing the new development which is to be called "Orchid Wood".
Mansell and Hatcher owned the orchid nursery which was on the site with the old Baptist Burial Ground and the remains of the chapel.

Lower Middle and Bottom: October 2012: Situated in Cragg Wood, the Burial Ground is seen here after developers had cleared up the site and rebuilt the walls this was part of the agreement for planning permission.
The old building to the left was not the original Chapel but a structure used by Cragg Wood Nurseries for orchid growing.
Work to redevelop the site did not begin until April 2013 the photos were taken before then, a full archaeological survey was done on the site.

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