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Verity, Hedley

Hedley Verity

Hedley Verity
Hedley Verity
1: Undated
2: 1934
3, 4 & 5: 1934
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
B186 + E473 + B183 + B184 & B185
1: Hedley Verity, famous spin bowler who lived in Rawdon.
He was commissioned into the Green Howards Yorkshire Regiment in the Second World War and drafted to the Middle East.
He was captured and interned as a Prisoner of War in an Italian Prisoner of War camp where he tragically died of wounds aged only 38.
2: A signed photo of cricketer Hedley Verity.
3: Only 3 of these plates were made by Wellis of 33a Broad Lane, Bramley.
The lettering tells us:
"Record Bowling by Hedley Verity Against the Australians at Lords June 23rd and June 24th 1934
15 wickets for 104
7 wickets for 61 first innings
8 wickets for 43 second innings
Other notable performances 17 wickets for 91 in one day against Essex at Levton July 14th 1933
10 wickets for 36 at Leeds against Warwickshire May 18th 1931
10 wickets for 10 at Leeds against Notts July 12th 1932 (including the Hat Trick) the latter performance creating a world record

4: This cup was made by Wellis of Bramley to commemorate Hedley Verity's victorious bowling against the Australians at Lords in 1934. 
Hedley took 14 wickets in one day which is still an Ashes record.
He is depicted on the cup poised to bowl, the wording says:
"Hedley Verity England's Famous Spin Bowler"
He had lived in Rawdon and died tragically as a prisoner of war in Italy in the Second World War.

5: A rare plate, only 3 were made by Wellis of 33a Broad Lane, Bramley. 
This side of the plate depicts Hedley Verity in bowling stance with the title 
"Hedley Verity Englands Famous Spin Bowler"

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