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Routh, Family

Routh Family
Date Early 1930s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
PU118 & PU119

Elizabeth Routh is on the left, she married a man named Greenacre, in the centre is George Routh the great uncle of George L Routh who donated the photo and the brother of young George's Grandfather.

On the right is Joseph Routh.


On the left at the back is ? Greenacre who married Elizabeth Routh, next George Routh great uncle of George L Routh who donated the photo, then Joseph Routh and on the right Phil Routh, donor's father.

The ladies in the group are on the left Elizabeth Routh (Greenacre), Grace Myers and on the right Sophia Routh Grandma of the donor.

In front the boy on the left is Jack Greenacre, his sister Nellie (she married Eddie Hardwick a Rawdon plumber) and Tom Routh on the right.



1950: Tom Routh is to the left, Phil Routh on the right, donated by George L Routh.


C1948: Routh plasterer's yard which was located at the top of King Street, sitting on the company wagon are on the left Phil Myers, then Phil Routh and George Rocket on the right.

Donated by George L Routh


1949: Routh's plasterers yard, on the left is George Lancelot Routh, then Phil Routh and Phil Myers on the right.

Donated by George L Routh

Rachel O'Connor The middle one has a look of a young Tommy Routh. Maybe it was in Routh's yard which was behind the top end of Football (Springfield Terrace). They used some of the houses on that terrace built by Routh's to practice rendering on so some have the stonework rendered over, front and back.

Joe Booth That’s my grandad Phil Routh on the end in white x


Undated: A collection of documents, letters and cards pertaining to the Routh family.


Undated: A medal for life membership of Rawdon Conservative Club awarded to G T "Tom" Routh.


1933: Driving licences which belonged to Joseph William and G Thomas Routh, members of the Lancelot Routh plasterers family.


Helen M.
Helen M.
"Lizzie" Routh married Wilfred Greenacre in the district of Bedford (1917)
09 June 2018
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