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Surname Nunn
Date January 2015
Location Yeadon Cemetery
Grid Ref. B147
Kelly Chadwick

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I have some family history that may interest you that relates to an archived headstone from Yeadon cemetery.

Robert Nunn was born in 1864 in Thetford, Norfolk to parents Thomas Nunn (1832 – 1865) and Elizabeth Eliza Goddard (1834 – 1893). [*Elizabeth Eliza Goddard married George James Syder (1831-1853) in Norfolk 1853, Thomas Nunn (1832-1865) in Norfolk 1856, Robert Preston (1825-1876) in Wharfedale 1869 and Thomas Caygill (1836-1909) in Yeadon 1877]


Robert lived in Yeadon with his mother from 1869 to 1893, they lived at Haw Lane. In 1893 he married Hannah Drake and became stepfather of Phillis Ann Drake. Robert and Hannah had three children; Edith Elizabeth in 1894 and Charles & Walter in 1896, they lived at Haw Street, Yeadon.

Robert died on 11th September 1923.


Hannah Drake was born in 1863 in Castley to parents John Drake (1834-1888) and Ann Hornby (1840-1868). [*John Drake married Ann Kay (1844-1910) in Wharfedale 1871]

Prior to her marriage Hannah lived with her parents at Woodbottom Farm, Stainburn. In 1881 she was a domestic servant in the home of James Maston, builder of Otley. In 1888 Hannah had a daughter Phillis Ann Drake (who was at Calcutta, Yeadon with her step grandmother on the 1891 census). Hannah died on 26th February 1908.


Charles Nunn was born in 1896 in Yeadon to parents Robert Nunn and Hannah Drake.


Charlie Nunn enlisted in Leeds, he was in the Prince of Wales Own (West Yorkshire Regiment) 10th battalion, regimental number 43198, rifleman. He died on 30th November 1916 at the home, theatre of war. He was awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal.


My connection;

Hannah Drake is the sister of my paternal great grandfather William Drake to John Drake and Ann Hornby above.

Ann Kay, John’s second wife, is the sister of Jabez Kay, father of Thomas Kay my maternal great grandfather who lived at Warm Lane Farm, Yeadon.

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