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Howson, James Francis

Canon James Francis Howson
Canon James Francis HowsonCanon James Francis Howson
Canon James Francis Howson
Date 1, 2, 4: Undated
3: 1917/18
7: 1930s

Location Guiseley
Photo ID
N34/1 + BB083 & D001 + A358 & M339
Comment 1: Newspaper cutting with a picture of Canon Howson, the text reads
" Archdeacon Howson, for 25 years Rector of Guiseley, who states that the thought of retiring has recently occupied his mind, though he has reached no definite conclusion. An exclusive Yorkshire Evening Post photograph of the Archdeacon at work in his study at the fine old Tudor Rectory. The Archdeacon is famous, through, among other things, his monthly letter to parishioners, which frequently contains delightful humorous anecdotes and reflections on life."

2: Canon James Francis Howson, Rector of Guiseley is in the centre of the group, the other two clergymen were his curates.

3: Canon James Francis Howson, Rector of St Oswalds Church, Guiseley seen here in his capacity as Chaplain to the Forces at Catterick. 
The photo was taken in Richmond.
4: Sitting outside the old Rectory s Canon Howson Rector of St Oswalds Church. 
He is in the middle with a curate on each side.
5: Reverend James Francis Howson, Rector of St Oswalds Guiseley Parish Church from 1906-1933.
6: The Reverend James Francis Howson MA, Rector of Guiseley from 1906 to 1933. 
He was educated at Cambridge and a wealthy man, both his father and brother were senior clergymen. 
His sister Mary came to Guiseley with him to assist with his Parish duties. 
He restored St Oswalds rectory paying £3,000 himself towards the cost and also instigated improvements to the church.
He was responsible for the reinstatement of the cross in Towngate facing opposition from some local Councillors who would have preferred a public toilet! 
He revived the Festival of St Oswald with open-air services, visiting dignitaries and pageants, he was given the honour of Arch Deacon and became a Justice of the Peace. 
In February 1934 he visited Bath in the hope of alleviating rheumatism and died there suddenly. 
His wish to be cremated was honoured and his ashes were buried in the church he had served.
7: The Rev. (Canon) James Francis Howson was Rector of Guiseley 1906 - 1934, he is seen here with Curates, Church Wardens and sides men outside the old Rectory.
Comment form our facebook page:
 John Gascoigne Super photo. Merely as points of interest and in no way as criticism it is certain that by this point JFH is styled Venerable and not Reverend Canon. Custom and practise tends to refer to the Assistant Curates simply as Curates whereas in fact the Curate in this picture is JFH himself. Finally the lay offices, peculiar to the CofE are of one word names, churchwarden and sidesman. Again, only mentioned as interesting points hopefully. Keep the pics coming

Undated: The Reverend James Francis Howson MA was Rector of Guiseley 1906 -1934.

He came from a wealthy family, both his father and brother were senior clergymen and was educated at Cambridge University.

Mary Howson who was his older sister came with him to Guiseley to act as his housekeeper and assist him in Parish duties.

    As Rector he was respected and appreciated by his parishioners, he paid £3,000 from his own funds to refurbish the old Rectory, had improvements made to the fabric of St Oswalds Church and instigated the restoration of the town Cross in Towngate in 1913.

He was responsible for reviving the celebration of St Oswald's Day in August with a pageant and open air services.

In this photo he is in costume to play his part in a pageant.

    During WW1 he served as an Army Chaplain, he became an Archdeacon and a Justice of the Peace.

In February 1934 he went to Bath hoping to find relief from rheumatism which was causing him discomfort, he died there aged 77 unexpectedly.

In accordance with his wishes he was cremated and his ashes buried in the churchyard of St Oswalds where he had spent so many years of his life.


James francis Connor
My mother's name was
Margaret Mary Duncan Howson
Her father William Howson Born ?
1904 died 1981 77 yrs old ,
The thing is a have been told by my mother that our ancestor was John Saul Howson Dean of Chester,
I have tried to verify this but am at a lost
28 May 2018
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