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Peggy Haigh
Eddie Mercer and Peggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy HaighPeggy Haigh
M D (Peggy) Haigh
Date Various
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
D381     Donated by Anne & Ken Yeadon
FB154   Donated by Christine Lovedale
C468     Donated by Anne & Ken Yeadon
C471     Donated by Anne & Ken Yeadon
D260     Donated by Anne & Ken Yeadon
D300     Donated by Anne & ken Yeadon
D239     Donated by Anne & Ken Yeadon
D253     Donated by Ken & Anne Yeadon
E173     Donated by Ken & Anne Yeadon
FB155   Donated by Christine Lovedale
D176     Donated by Ken & Anne Yeadon
C480     Donated by Ken & Anne Yeadon
D415     Donated by Ken & Anne Yeadon
D437     Donated by Ken & Anne Yeadon
I107 + N208 + H300 + H301 + N214 + N215     Donated by Chris Youhill
Comment 1: Peggy plus dogs in a pony trap on New Road Side.
For the only time in her life she had been for her hair perming prior to a trip abroad.
She was not impressed with the result !

2: Eddie Mercer and Peggy Haigh attending a Christmas party in Yeadon Library. Eddie was a Rawdon man with a wealth of local knowledge and a long time member of Aireborough Historical Society.
He died a year or so after this photo was taken.
Peggy, now in her 90s is legendary in Aireborough from her time working as Ledgard's bus conductress.
3: A young Peggy smartly mounted on one of her beloved horses, handwritten on the photo is "Going cubhunting".
4: A postcard sent to Peggy from Bletchley Park which opened as a museum in 1993.
The illustration is a 2nd World War recruitment poster for the Land Army, an appropriate choice for Peggy. The message reads :
"Hello Peggy, I am at Bletchley Park Wartime Enigma Museum. Wonderful interesting place. Thought you would like this card. Still some vacancies in the Land Army if you fancy another go? Take care, Chris x"
5: A school photo, Peggy Haigh is on the right of the 2nd row, wearing a dark coloured dress which has a pale coloured collar.
6: Peggy confidently sits astride a heavy horse, this was during her time serving with the Land Army in Kent during the 2nd World War.
7: 1964 More used to riding horses, Peggy is seen here on a camel with the Sphinx and great pyramid of Khufu or Cheops in the background. 
These monuments are situated in Giza, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt.

8: Peggy is in the centre of the group wearing a light coloured jumper which has a strap across it. 
The location is thought to be Israel which she visited with a group from her local church, probably St Peter's Rawdon.
9: September 1988: Peggy on her Rawdon allotment, she was a keen grower of vegetables until she reached her 80s. 
She is wearing a T shirt bought at Appleby Horse Fair, the fair was an annual treat for Peggy where she indulged her love of horses and renewed acquaintance with her friends in the gypsy community.
10: Margaret Doreen Haigh or Peggy as she prefers to be known was born in Singapore and brought to live with her aunt in Rawdon at a young age. 
She developed a great love of horses and kept several of her own becoming an accomplished horsewoman. 
During the Second World War she joined the Land Army where her skill with horses was utilized when she was put to work driving teams of Shire horses in Kent.
    Many local people came to know her during her time as a bus conductress when she kept passengers on Ledgard's buses entertained with her forthright wit and no-nonsense approach. 
At that time she had a horse which she kept in a field on Leeds Road, in Otley she would buy hay for the horse, stow it on the bus, then when approaching the field she would shout to the driver to slow down then hurl the hay bale into the horse's field!          
Her somewhat gruff manner and conversation which can be peppered with expletives belies the fact that she is a cultured lady with a love of opera, art and architecture, in the past she gave slide shows and talks about time spent in Egypt, Israel and Italy.
    This photo was taken in Rawdon Library where she is sat at the newspaper table, a favourite meeting place for Peggy, Eddie Mercer, his brother Roy and other regular contributors to the "Rawdon Parliament". 
She still lives an independent life in Rawdon, one of her few concessions to old age is to use the Access bus to go to the supermarket for her shopping!

11: The central figure is Peggy in her Land Army uniform, the location is Boar Lane, Leeds. 
Trinity Church is on the right out of view, C&A Modes is directly behind her, the restaurant sign behind the Belisha Beacon is for Jacomelli's which opened in 1906.
12: 1940s She is proudly wearing her Land Army uniform with a shoulder flash for West Kent.
She served in that area on a farm, ploughing and driving teams of heavy horses.
13: Peggy enjoying time in the Dales.
14: Peggy Haigh relaxing on the grass, very unusually wearing a skirt!
15: October 14th 2007
"The occasion was the enormously successful public running day which we held to remember the end of the Samuel Ledgard bus operations forty years previously in 1967. The specially painted and professionally restored is an ex London  Transport RLH AEC, Ledgard had 4 of the type at the Yeadon Moorfield Depot, Peggy worked on them until the last day.
      We managed to keep secret from Peggy any details of the bus but told her she would be picked up at the Emmott's (Arms) on the bus's first journey from Leeds to Otley via her old route. As you can see from the picture our lovely and much missed friend Peggy was astounded when the bus pulled up ! She spent nearly all day happily riding around  on a very tiring itinerary. I was honoured to conduct the fine vehicle most of the day in my original Samuel Ledgard uniform and ticket machine.
    Incidentally I think the light patch of tarmac on the left of the pavement  must be the foundation site of the late lamented bus shelter mentioned on the website".
16: The late Peggy Haigh of Rawdon seen in North Yorkshire, she was on an outing with the donor of the photo Chris Youhill.
17: October 2007
Images donated by Chris Youhill with the comments:
" A totally bemused but delighted Peggy boards MXX232 at the Emmotts at the start of the 40 year commemoration of the end of Samuel Ledgard buses October 14th 1967 - 2007. The vehicle is of the same batch as were four identical ex-London ones on which Peggy had worked right up to the end of the company  - we had kept the plans secret from Peggy and it was worth all the effort".
      "Later the same day at Ilkley Railway Station and Peggy, still astonished and delighted, pretends to be my driver. I was conducting all day with my genuine Ledgard's uniform and ticket machine from when I too worked for Ledgards."
18 & 19: August 15th 2009
The late Peggy Haigh and Chris Youhill the donor of the photos enjoying a day out in Saltburn, seen here on the pier.
Sadly we lost dear Peggy in December 2013 she was a remarkable lady and one of the last real old Rawdoners, she was a good friend of my family and I can fondly remember her from the Sam Ledgards buses Leeds/Ilkely when I went to school and when she helped on the farm with horses and with Mr Frankland at his garage in Larkfield. Rest in peace Peggy you were a joy to know and hope you find a "stables" in the sky. You will be sadly missed 

Valerie Hoare
Sunday, January 19, 2014
I was a regular user of ledgard's bus Service in my early teens and remember Peggy well Always bright and cheery in full uniform, with badge and ticket machine. Peggy was a regular on the West Chevin run to Otley.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Sadly, Peggy died a few weeks ago (Jan 2014)
Saturday, February 08, 2014

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