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Gillingham Family

Gillingham Family
Date 1950s / 1960s / 1970s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
PU057 + PU058 + PU059 + PU060 + PU061

1950s                         100 Park Road, Guiseley

On the left is Roy Gillingham, next his grandmother Ethel Gillingham in the doorway of her home, on the right Harry Wallbank. The small boy in front is Ian Gillingham.

1958                       Westfield Avenue, Yeadon

The baby in the pram is Anne Gillingham (married name Turner ) who donated this photo, the girl on the left is Charmaine Douglas, Judith Wallbank is on the right.

C1960                  Westfield Avenue, Yeadon

Resting against the railings on Westfield Avenue is Roy Gillingham.

1970s                            Westfield Avenue, Yeadon

This child is Lily Olive Gillingham, photo donated by Anne Turner.


C1954                  Westfield Avenue, Yeadon

Sitting in his pushchair is bonny baby Ian Gillingham.


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