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Esholt Hall Water Spout Head 1978

Esholt Hall Water Spout Head
Date 1978
Location Esholt
Photo ID
A269 & A272
Top: It is thought that Esholt Hall was constructed on the site of the former Esholt Priory. The Hall was built by Walter Calverley in the years 1706-1709, the mason was Joseph Pope of Fennley. 
It is a two storey house built of gritstone with a raised terrace.
The armorial ornamentation seen on the water spout head dates from 1832 and has the initials of Walter Calverley and Robert Stansfield who bought the house and estate in 1755. 
The estate and Hall is now owned by Yorkshire Water.

 Bottom: A water spout head on the wall of Esholt Hall, this one has a coat of arms and an owl embellishment. It is not the coat of arms of the Calverley or Stansfield families, Walter Calverley having built the Hall and Robert Stansfield becoming the owner in 1755.


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