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Aswan Low Dam
Date c1900
Location Egypt
Photo ID
L066 Photographer E E Slater
This slide is one of the collection we have of glass slides taken by E E Slater of Hopeville House in Yeadon.
The location is unknown, it is possibly a reservoir, it may not be in UK.
There is always a chance that one of you well travelled folk will be able to identify the photo, remember this is about 115 years ago so it could have altered a bit since then.
Adrian Harper My guess is the Aswan low dam in Egypt. Day off work, too much time on my hands etc...

C1905: Original slide which was titled "Arab Village", it was most likely taken in Egypt, the photographer was Ernest E Slater.


C1905: This image of a print would have been taken by E E Slater on his travels in the east, he definitely spent time in Egypt.

The scene is somewhat disturbing as it shows a traveller fending off an aggressive  mob, ladies watch in the background.


C1905: Original slide showing the overflow of the Aswan Dam, Egypt.

This would be the Aswan Low Dam which dates from 1902, the more modern High Dam was constructed 1960 - 1976.


C1905: Original slide titled "At Prayer" taken by E E Slater, probably on a visit to Egypt.


C1905: Original slide in poor condition, it shows traditional Egyptian boats called Feluccas, they are a wooden craft rigged with one or two lateen sails.

Slide taken by E E Slater on his visit to Egypt.


C1905: This original slide taken by E E Slater on his travels in Egypt shows boats on the Suez Canal.

It has deteriorated with age and exposure.


C1905: A view of buildings taken by Ernest E Slater in Egypt.

The slide is in poor condition and has not been restored.


C1905: Slides taken by Ernest E Slater of Yeadon titled "Climbing a Pyramid", taken in Egypt.

It is a pity these glass slides, seen in their original condition, have suffered the ravages of time.


C1905: Glass slide taken by Ernest Ethelbert Slater on a visit to Egypt, it shows the Colossus of Memnon, two statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep 111 at Luxor.


C1905: Image of a man descending a pyramid assisted by two Egyptians, a slide taken by E E Slater which has suffered through time and has not been restored.


C1905: The slide shows traditional felucca boats entering the Suez Canal in Egypt, to the left men are fishing on the river bank.

The glass slide was the work of amateur photographer E E Slater.



C1905: This slide image shows a woman beside a fountain in an exotic garden which has palm trees growing, the building behind her is probably a hotel. The location is most likely to be Egypt, at that time there were several luxurious hotels favoured by British travellers such as the Winter Palace in Luxor, Agatha Christie set part of her novel Death On The Nile there.


C1905: A slide in poor condition showing Egyptian hieroglyphics, taken on a trip to Egypt by E E Slater.


C1905: An original slide taken by E E Slater which has not been restored, it shows men at prayer in a mosque, taken when he was on holiday in Egypt.


C1905: Ismailia station, the town is located on the west bank of the Suez Canal, Egypt.

The slide is of poor quality and has not been restored.


C1905: A street scene in old Cairo taken by E E Slater.


C1905: E E Slater captioned this slide image "Picking Onions", taken on holiday in Egypt.


C1905: View of the pyramid of Cheops, Giza, Egypt, taken by E E Slater.


C1905: Slide taken by Ernest E Slater on a trip to Egypt, it shows an ascent of St Catherine's Monastery or the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai, Sinai peninsula Egypt.

It is one of the world's oldest working Christian monasteries, part of the Eastern Orthodox Church and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



C1905: A slide taken by E E Slater which shows a river scene, probably the Nile in Egypt.


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