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Canada 1900

Canada Namaimo Coal Mine
Date C1900
Location Canada
Photo ID
N462     Photographer E E Slater

Image taken on a glass slide by E E Slater, this is the Namaimo coal mine, British Columbia, Canada.


C1900: Image of a logging station or woodyard, Ernest Ethelbert Slater travelled extensively, it is possible that this image was taken in Canada.


C1900: An original slide taken by Ernest Ethelbert Slater, it is of a station located in Canada.



C1900: This original slide taken by E E Slater is titled "A Curious Stopping Place" and shows railway carriages which have stopped on top of a steep ridge, passengers have alighted to admire the view.


C1900: Visitors are gazing down from observation platforms into Albert Canyon, British Columbia, Canada.

Slide taken by E E Slater.


C1900: Slide taken by E E Slater in Canada, it shows a group of men rowing a boat with a wooden building in the background.

An intriguing feature are the pairs of legs on the roof of the building, perhaps they were watching a boat race.


C1900: This slide shows a coal mine located in the area around what is now the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada.

There were several coal mines in the locality which are all closed now, a museum records the history of the mines.

Image taken by E E Slater on a visit to Canada.


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