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Bradford Brougham Carriage

Brougham Carriage
CarriageBrougham CarriageLetter
Brougham Carriage
Date Undated
Location Bradford
Photo ID
C047 + C048 + C049 & Letter
Top: Pronounced "broom" this type of carriage was a light 4 wheeled conveyance, they were built in the 19th century.
It had an enclosed body with 2 doors and normally seated 2 passengers, sometimes a folding seat was added.
This view shows padding on the inside of the door and an interior seat, it was donated by Aireborough Historical Society to Bolling Hall Museum, originally it had come from  Ripponden.

Middle: A carriage pulled by 4 horses, a driver and 5 passengers are aboard.

Bottom: This type of carriage was possibly devised for Lord Brougham (pronounced broom) a Scots lawyer and politician or his use of one made them fashionable in the 19th century.
The one seen here was donated by Aireborough Historical Society to Bolling Hall Museum and is awaiting renovation at the Bradford Industrial Museum.

Letter to accompany C047, C048, C049
It was sent to Mr D Williams, 22 Whitestone Crescent, Yeadon by Stuart Feather, keeper, technology, Bradford Industrial Museum, Moorside Mills and dated May 11th 1980
Dear Mr Williams, thank you for your letter received today
 The only details I have about the Brougham are that it came from Ripponden and was donated by your Society to Bolling Hall who received it in June 1961.
I am surprised at the sparseness of the information but I have checked with Bolling Hall and that is all the date they have.
Should any further details arise from your side I would be pleased to augment my records accordingly.
    I do not have a photograph of the Brougham since restoration but enclose 2 shots prior to the start of the work.
I also enclose the only photograph we possess of the other coach which has just reached us from Cliffe Castle.
 Please return after your exhibition.
Hope the photographs and information are useful.


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