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Arthington Nunnery Farm

Arthington Nunnery

Arthington Nunnery
Date Undated
Location Arthington
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N06 & C319
Top: Located on Arthington Lane, it is thought the Nunnery was founded by Peter De Arthington circa 1150.
Only about 10 nuns lived there, when the Monasteries were dissolved ( 1536-1541 by Henry V111) the prioress received a pension of £35, the other 9 nuns were allotted small sums.
The Nunnery became a private dwelling with farmland, Thomas Briggs and his wife were early owners, an inscription on the building is thought to refer to them "TB 1585 IB"
   In the 20th century restoration work was carried out by architects Chorley, Gribbon and Foggitt of 3 Park Place, Leeds

Bottom: Situated on Arthington Lane, this house was built on the site of Arthington Priory in the early 1600s.
It is a 3 storey building with mullioned windows.
The Priory was occupied by nuns of the Cluniac Order, at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries 9 nuns were in residence, it was surrendered in 1540.
By 1822 it was a farmhouse owned by the Earl of Harewood.

I recall going to Nunnery Farm in the late 1940`s to pick potatoes from PHGS. Being a tall chap picking uphill meant I had a shorter distance to bend!

We also went to Cawood near Selby one year where I recall the cook was Lithuanian. She told us her father sold a "Schlosse" - Castle for x Marks. In Weimar Republic Germany in the mid 20`s the same number of Marks bought a loaf of bread! That is INFLATION!

Kind regards from Sheffield S17.
29 March 2017
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