Aireborough Historical Society

Popplewell and Fred Barrett

Memories of Audry Speight
Date Pre 1945
Location Yeadon

A memory from Audry Speight who is a committee member of AHS, was born in 1927 and lives in Yeadon.

"I'm sure there's still people who remember Popplewells green grocers shop in Guiseley.
The photo shows it trimmed up for the carnival.
The man in the picture is my Dad Fred Barrett the nephew of the owners.
He decorated it.
Also I'm sure lots of local people remembered the son Ken Popplewell with his dance band, he played at Yeadon Town Hall.
Those were the days.
He also entertained customers at the Peacock Hotel.
Leeds people used to come by bus to see the band and the Wallace Family they were very popular, well known in the area.
My Dad left the shop to take over my Grandads Market Garden, in the Second World War he took over more fields.
It was on Victoria Avenue, Yeadon opposite a factory which through the war was called The Arrow Aircraft, like the AVRO it employed a lot of local and Leeds people.
Now the fields are gone houses were built in the 60's.

Audry Speight
January 2014