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Mitchell Yeadon's Quarry

Mitchell Yeadon's Quarry

Location Carlton

A memory of Mitchell Yeadon's Quarry in Carlton shared with us by Brian Triffitt of Guiseley.
Mitchell Yeadon’s quarry was just a little way up Carlton Lane after the allotments that stood there in those days, Harold Norfolk’s pigeon lofts and then Harry Wheatley’s poultry and joinery sheds.
But of course all those have gone now and been replaced by houses.
After the houses turn left up the lane for about 60 yards, and then turn left into the entrance to the quarry.
Inside the entrance to the quarry to the left stood the old blacksmiths shop we were always in there rummaging about to see what we could find.
Into the quarry, you then came to a large shed, with a large stone cutting saw in it, it was slow and methodical and worked by Peter & Mary MacCafferty’s dad Pat.
My cousin Walter Baldwin used to drive the dumper truck and would give us kids a ride on it, but of course you could not do that now due to health and safety.
It was also a great place for bird watching and nesting, plenty of rabbits around too.
When all work at the quarry ended it became a tip, and I can remember tipping wagon loads of rubbish down its slopes from Silver Cross where I worked.
We had permission of course from John Yeadon who was also a mate of mine in the local Budgerigar Society.
Because John was the last male member of the Yeadon’s
(Although he had an adopted daughter Mandy)
He always said that when the time came he would finish the firm.
And now in later years it is all filled in and back to being a field
Few people would know it had ever been a quarry.

Brian Triffitt
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