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1947 My Pram

My Pram

Title My Pram
Carlo Harrison
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 1947
Currently Residing Yeadon
In Forli, Italy in May 1947 the sight of this type of pram was common place, nothing unusual at all, however in May 1947, Yeadon, it turned quite a few heads.
When my mother came over from Italy, pregnant, she brought with her a steamer trunk which I have in my attic and a pram.
I don't know the circumstances as to why my Mum and Dad shipped a pram over from Italy, or how they managed it but there it was in the streets of Yeadon.
Ever since I can remember up to and including about a month ago, people have said to me 'oh yes I remember your mum and that pram she had'
The pram was famous, not me!
Written  2013


Oh yes I remember it well. What a proud mum she was.
I would have been twelve.
02 July 2013
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