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2nd LetterRalph Teale
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Date 1915-1916
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
Donated by David Teale
Over the next few days (5th August 2014) I am going to post a series of letters which were loaned to us by David Teale.
If you have any interest in the 1st World War, if you have any interest in what happens when you send a Rawdon lad to fight in foreign lands, then read these letters.
A bit of introduction first and then the first of the letters, new one to be posted each day.
I haven't re typed them I have scanned the letters etc as they have been given to me by David.

Following the letters from George Teale of Rawdon to his Mother, below is a little information about his brother Ralph who was also in France at the same time as George.
The letter shown here was written some 2 weeks prior to the death of his brother in September 1916.

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