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Main Street 1950s

Main Street
Date December Mid 1950s
Location Hawksworth
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Comment A winter scene on Main Street.
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  • Pete Sutcliffe Great picture
    Simon Butterworth The large X shaped aerial would be for BBC Holme Moss. The second looks like it's for the ITV service from Emley Moor which started in 1956.
  • Richard Elliott Yes, it's a Hillman Minx. Series I, I think so 1956 or later.
    Brian Firth Going by the car, the telegraph poles and the street lamp, I would guess late 50`s early 60`s. Also, there is a TV aerial which eleminates the 40`s.
    Christine Hathaway Phillips The place hasn't changed one bit unlike Yeadon and Guiseley
  • Judith Stead Making me feel a little homesick!
  • Chris Walton Was Emley Moor vertical polarized then or is it an FM radio aerial?

Looking down the street to the gates of Hawksworth Hall, I’m reminded I still have the commemorative Queen Elizabeth coronation coin given to all pupils at the school by Mrs Gaunt. I have vague memories of a party at the hall. I’d just started school. We lived in the small block of council houses on Hawksworth Lane at the bottom end of Greenfield. Every morning Martin Long and I were shepherded along the road past the golf course by Martin’s older brother Allan. Would be regarded as too dangerous today.
21 July 2019
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