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White Cross 1920s/1950s

White Cross
Date 1920s/1950s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
E448 + H388 which has been donated by Anne North.
1: Two views of White Cross showing changes over time.
2: 1950s: White Cross Hotel with signs for Tetley's ales which display the trademark "huntsman" logo.


The top (older) picture is most interesting. The tram is standing at the very end of the tram lines. The overhead wiring in the foreground is for the trolleybuses (1915 - 1928) from White Cross to Burley and to Otley. These dreadful vehicles never paid properly and must have been torture to ride on, the roads being poor in those days. When in the depot they had their own parking positions against the Bradford Road wall of the building.
22 March 2017
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