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Towngate (2)

Towngate, Guiseley.
Towngate, Guiseley.Towngate, Guiseley.Towngate, Guiseley.Towngate, Guiseley.
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
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1: A crowd is gathered around the cross for an open-air service, the white haired man to the right of the cross is Canon Howson.
The Cross Inn is on the left the  licensee is Harvey Kaye.
The demolition of old property has begun on the right.

2: On the left is the Cross Inn, licensee James E Stewart. Behind the stocks and gas lamp (mounted on the stump of the old broken cross) is the smithy.
A horse and rider are outside the smithy, to the right is a horse and cart.

3: Shops on Towngate, on the left is a butchers shop, business of Lumby and Son.
St Oswalds Church is on the right.

4: The row of old cottages on the left were due to be demolished, this was the area where a market was once held.
The photo was taken before the Cross Inn on the right was demolished in 1967.

facebook comment: Colleen Hogben Looking at this picture brings back so many the three cottages to the left between 1930 and 1950s were by (left to right) 1st.Mr and Mrs Knipes 2nd.Miss Harpers (two sisters (dressmakers)) and 3rd. Mr and Mrs Learmonth and three sons. Across the ginnel was J.O. Taylors ( greengrocers) next door was Mr and Mrs Newboults the first taller building was Miss Gills joined onto Harry Ogdens (butchers).Across the way was to the left of what was the The Cross Inn was Alf Jacksons (fish and chip shop) later to become Peels, Brian Peel took over from his parents and later when the Cross Inn was demolished moved the business to the wooden faced Co-op on Queensway by Shaw Royd.....and the three trees on the left hand side (the third tree being where the lady is stood by the bus stop) brings back night as children myself and Anne Taylor were knocked down by the Milkman (Mr Warings) may laugh...he was on his bike????? yes he ran over Annie's ankle and my Knee.....well there's a bit of history

5: Photo taken before 1967 when the cross and stocks were re-sited to the vacant plot immediately behind.
Frank Parkinson Homes are behind the plot, on the right is Town Street, on the right edge is Guiseley Factory Workers Club.

6: The old cross and stocks seen here on their original site.

Undated: An open air service is in progress centred around the town cross and stocks.

This was possibly part of St Oswald's Day celebrations which were instigated by Canon Howson when he was Rector of Guiseley 1906 - 1933, a group of Clergymen are surrounded by the crowd.


19th November 2016: Photo taken from the roof of St Oswalds Church by Stuart Andrew MP, looking down onto Towngate Lands Lane is to the left of the Garden of Remembrance, Town Street to the right.


Undated / 2004: Walter Dibb in the doorway of his shop located at the corner of Queensway & Towngate, with him is his daughter Margaret who married Cedric Busfield.

In 2004 the shop was a media business.


1920s: An outdoor service in Towngate, Canon Howson, Rector of Guiseley is to the right of the cross & has white hair.

Virtually everyone is wearing a hat except for the choir and clergy.


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