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St John Ambulance Brigade

St. John Ambulance BrigadeSt. John Ambulance Brigade
St. John Ambulance Brigade
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
B297 + B298 + FF097
H126     Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family
D418     Donated by John Holmes
1: Members of Guiseley St John Ambulance Brigade seen here with a band.

2: St John Ambulance Brigade was founded in the UK in 1877 to teach and practice first aid.
There is no affiliation to any religious order, it is now a world wide organisation. These Guiseley members are pictured with bandsmen.

3: Pictured with the ambulance in the background are a number of volunteers.
5: A St John Ambulance garden party, in the grounds of the old Guiseley Rectory.

4: The donor of this image is John Holmes, his uncle Alvin is sat on the ground to the right.


In photograph 3, the man to the left of the middle row (wearing the corporals stripes) is my uncle Alvin Holmes.
I presume this photo was taken pre WW1 as he has no medals and he did join the Royal Army Medical Corps and served in France as an ambulance driver.
23 April 2015
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