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Otley Road (part 3)

Otley Road, Guiseley.
Otley Road, Guiseley. Otley Road, GuiseleyOtley Road, Guiseley.
Otley Road
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
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S460 + FF035 + U430 (BB051) + E263 &
I076 image donated by Chris Youhill
J263 + J264
1: On the left is an area of cleared ground which had been the site of housing, Cassfield Mill lay behind these properties.
The large building is the Primitive (Providence) Methodist Chapel which was demolished in 1967.
To the right are shops on Otley Road, there are hanging signs outside the Regent Hotel, just behind them the stone wall is the end of Bedford Place.

2: Coopers Bar occupies the former Co-op building which was built in 1924. The upper floor became a popular venue for funeral teas, the entrance to the bar on the right still retains the tiling which denotes it was the Co-op butchers department.

3: View of Otley Road (A65) looking in the direction of the junction with Oxford Road and Victoria Road.

4: The view looks in the direction of the junction with Oxford Road / Victoria Road.
On the left is Benfield Ford Garage followed by terrace houses which are addressed as Richmond Terrace.
The photo is dated 1960s but it is thought that it could be the 1950s

5: Leeds City Transport bus, Regent 021 serving route 71 which operated to Leeds via Rawdon, Horsforth and Kirkstall.
Donated by Chris Youhill

 some of the facebook comments about photo number 5:-

  • Shirley Phillis I used to catch this bus daily home from school to Westfield Ave. 

    John Birchall This looks to be opposite the old picture house or nearly next door to the Station pub

    Michelle Pickard Definitely next to the station pub..... My old home  xx

  • Michael Hull The white sign just visible through the shelter is for Busfields (soft drink makers)

    Andrew Game Remember waiting in those shelters as a kid when we went to my grans in Horsforth with my mum!

    Gordon Harris I didn't realise that Leeds City Transport operated out to aireborough I thought this was West Yorkshire Road Car territory?

    Jan Loreal Wilkinson Good sturdy shelters too. Kept you dry in the rain unlike the useless ones they put up now.

    Steve Howarth Looks like the bus shelters are being installed men working on the one to the left, and the bus reg pre-dates the lettered years system (although it could be an old bus)

    Howard Riley proper bus

    Diane Royle-Evatt Sorry 1956 to 57

    Diane Royle-Evatt I think 1956 to 97

6: Otley Road looking towards the junction with Oxford Road, the Station Hotel is on this corner. To the left is a house built by J B Busfield.

7: Looking in the direction of Oxford Road, houses which are ready for demolition.
Also a hoarding with advertisements for Heinz beans, Smith's crisps, Craven's mints, rum, cigarettes and Turog brand bread.

2006/10: Otley Road / Back Lane, Guiseley

The junction of Otley Road and Back Lane, seen in 2006 before the skin treatment centre was built then in 2010 when the clinic had opened.


I went to school A.G.S. in the forties and I cannot remember any tramlines, so this must be earlier still also there are no trees in the gardens on the left hand side as there are on the later photos.
11 September 2014
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