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Guiseley AFC 1970s

Guiseley AFC
Date 1970s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
E264 + J487

1: Guiseley football team, the club was founded in 1909. Nicknamed "the Lions" their ground is Nethermoor Park.

From our facebook page:
Jeannie Cutlan:
My grandfather, Ned Brayshaw, was a founder member of Guiseley AFC. He maintained a close relationship with the club right up until his death in 1966.

Andy Elx Brown: Thomas Harvey, Cam Butterfield, Si Wintle, Adam Bridson, Rob Jennings. Looks like an early to mid 70's side to me. I remember watching them during the 70's when Leeds were away.

Rachel O'Connor: John Hall is second from left on back row. First left is former Guiseley captain Phil Barlow and the G K in the middle of the back row is Neil McGeechan. On the far right of the back row is the well-known local cricketer Marsden Claughton. I remember a game once being held up while they searched for his contact lense. I know someone who will know all the names but they are on holiday at the moment.

2: Guiseley football team who play at Nethermoor Park.

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