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Guiseley AFC 1960's

Guiseley AFC 1960's

Guiseley AFC
Date 1960's
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
The men are named as: standing left to right, Brian Nettleton, Colin Lister, Michael Stocks, Albert Glaister, John France,Ronnie Lawson, Denis Rhodes, George Stocks, Eric Waite.   
Seated left to right: Douglas Withy (Trainer), Mahoney, Brian "Nipper" Davies, Kitson, Gordon Colquhoun, Alan "Bangy" Wright, John Kilvington.

Joyce Woods said 'Ronnie Lawson taught Chemistry at AGS for many years and was president of Rawdon cricket club. A fine man and a great teacher'.

John Holmes said 'Got to be Guiseley AFC, not sure where and probably in the 1960's. Bangy Wright was a police constable serving at Guiseley. Denis Rhodes, Eric Waite and all the other non-playing staff were all stalwarts of Guiseley AFC right into the '90's'

John Holmes


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