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Guides and Brownies 1953

Guides and Brownies
Date 1953
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
R282     Donated by Melvyn Wray
Guiseley Methodist Church, Oxford Road, Guides and Brownies with their symbolic toadstool and owl.
Comments from our facebook page:-
Vivienne Lupton Guiseley Methodist Church 1953. I am the brownie behind the toadstool.
Wendy Clapham Fabulous photo I recognise faces but not names. The ranger guide on right looks like a girl I knew lived up Oxford Ave.

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Yes, I did recognise her as well, Wendy. They lived opposite to us when we lived up Ashtofts. Can't quite remember her name though - she had a brother Peter I think. Is it Julie Brayshaw? but that doesn't sound quite right.

Wendy Clapham Julie Brayshaw does not seem right to me either. Christine Robinson any ideas??

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Wendy Clapham was it Julie Jackson? .I'm not sure now.

Wendy Clapham I don't think so as I was in the brownies and guides with Julia at the Baptist Chapel. Both her and Peter I knew well.

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw The young lady in the photo was best friends with Joyce Bramley. First name Cynthia?.

Christine Robinson Wendy Clapham Are we talking about Peter Busfield ?Peter was married to Joyce Bramley and yes she did have a friend called Cynthia,2nd name escapes me,Cynthia'S mother was a close friend of Mrs Bramley they did live either Oxford Ave,or Ashtofts,

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Christine Robinson That was me talking about Joyce Bramley - trying to make the connection in my memory to her good friend Cynthia .....? in the photo. They both lived up Oxford Avenue. I can see them in my mind's eye walking from Church. It will come to me eventually......!!

Christine Robinson Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw looking at the photo again,yes it is Cynthia.
Feeling I have lost the plot now from the original post Grrr getting old is no picnic

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Melanie Harvey Thank you Melanie! I have been wracking my brains to think of Cynthia's last name! You are Joyce's daughter I believe. (My cousin Pam Waite's daughter - Helen - works with you in your florist shop).

Melanie Harvey Meant to say Cynthia Holmes

Melanie Harvey My mum is Joyce Bramley

Doreen Waite Christine, Peter says she is Cynthia Holmes, married Peter Gray

Christine Robinson Doreen Waite asked me to comment,Cynthia married Peter Gray,who I believe lived close to them in Rawdon

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Thanks Christine - Joyce's daughter also responded with Cynthia's last name! Phew - thank goodness we got that sorted out!

Christine Robinson I went to school with Joyce,she was a year older than me and was a prefect,they ( the prefects) used to stand the length of the school corridors herding us all in from the playground in an orderly fashion

Betty Dodsworth Christine,l think Joyce Bramleys mother was a dinner lady at school and the girl on the back row on the left was called Abbot sorry l think l have spelt it wrong time l went to


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