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Providence Chapel Guides 1930's

Guiseley Guides
Guiseley Guides
Providence Chapel Guides
Date 1930's
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
BB078 & BB078A
Top: A celebration for the Guides, possibly 21st anniversary held in the Parish Hall.
The photographer was Mr Kirby Smith who was noted for the delays as he was posing his subjects, also the unfortunate mutterings caused by ill fitting dentures.
      Sat at the table on the left is Ethel Potts who was a Guide Leader for many years, her sister Mary is sat on her right.
Behind Ethel is Mrs Parry, the woman sitting on the far right is Mrs Halliday.

Bottom: This was possibly the 21st anniversary of the Providence Methodist Guides. Sat at the table, on the left is Mary Potts, her sister Ethel was a Guide Leader for a long time.
Mrs Halliday is seated on the right.
Behind the ladies are girls in Guide uniform.

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