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Group Of Men Late 1940s / Early 1950s

Group of Men
Date Late 1940s / Early 1950s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
H343     Donated by Angela Luty
Image donated by Angela Luty who told us "The group of men is a mystery, on the far left is my Grandfather John Hancock.
He was very into football at Guiseley and worked in one of the mills."
Comments from our facebook page 9th March 2017:

Liselle Younger Gentleman on the back row with glasses is my grandad Jack Kendall, he worked at Crompton Parkinson's

Liselle Younger Front row fourth from the left is Jack Barret


You're right Liselle, that IS Jack Barrett and I'm sure the man third from right on back row (in the light overcoat) is my cousin Eddie Ogden.
15 March 2017
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