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Drop Inn

Dropp InnOld Drop InnOld Drop InnDrop Inn
Drop Inn
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
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1: This image is from a newspaper article which states that the inn has stood in Guiseley Town Sreet for over 400 years.
In "Round and About Aireborough Volume 11" by Martin Rigg a slightly different photo is published with the information that an ancient dwelling house had been lived in by the Smith family who were clothiers in Guiseley from 1781.
Around 1909/10 there is evidence that this house was demolished and another built on the site.
In 1816 a Thomas Walsh rented the property and bought it the following year.
The 1837 Tithe map shows Simon Hartley as the owner occupier with a James Walsh living in a property to the rear.
It has definitely been a public house since 1870 when William Popplewell was the landlord.
It was demolished in 1969 and a new Drop Inn built on the same spot, this has now been demolished and houses are being erected on the site. (January 2013)

2: The Old Drop Inn was situated on Town Street, it was replaced by a new building which in turn has been demolished.
Housing is being built on the site (December 2012)

3: Side view of the Inn on Town Street, there is a hanging sign for Tetley's ales.

4:  Public House which was located on Town Street, this building was demolished another another erected on almost the same site.
This too has recently been pulled down and homes have been built on the site. (August 2013)   
Another Public House in the vicinity was the Slip Inn, in the 1880s, it stood at the end of Grove Terrace towards the bottom of the Green, a 3 storey building.
It overlooked a passage which led to "Bandy Jack's" field or the Rope Walk, "band" in this instance meaning rope or string.
"Bandy Jack", real name Jack Riley, had a workshop behind the shops at the bottom of the Green where he made ropes, the fibres for ropemaking would be laid out in straight lines before they were twisted together, this gave rise to the name of the field.
5 & 6: Two blurred images of the old Drop Inn which was demolished in 1969.
A new inn of the same name was built on the site, that too has now gone and houses are on the site.




Bandy Jack's real name was Edwin Riley. He was my great grandfather. His son Jack (John) was my grandfather. Jack Riley worked at Peate's Mill. His brother Jim took over the rope making business from Edwin Riley.
03 March 2015
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