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Canon Howson, Curates and Parishioners 1920/22

Canon Howson, Curates & Parishioners

Canon Howson, Curates & Parishioners
Date 1920/22
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
Canon Howson was the Rector of St Oswalds Church.
Most of the people seen here have been identified:
Back row, left to right: Dora Busfield: Marion Brown: Leslie Hollingworth (his father was headmaster of St Oswalds Cof E school): Bill Learmouth: Reuben Cutler: ?Rawnsley, churchwarden: Alan Ludle: ?: ?: Albert Steel: Jack Barratt: Alice Heaton: Ruth Cribb>

Row 3: Olive Midgeley: Ruby Jones: Frank Busfield (nicknamed Tenky): Willie Knipe: Mary Potts: Emily Barbara Cribb: Mary Stansfield: ?: ?: Miss Tee: Mary Smith: Miss Tee: Dorence Rawnsley (nee Walton): Edith Walton: Jessie Barratt (nee Brown)

Row 2 left to right: Lucy Weyman: Mabel Waite (nee Ludley): Doris Newton: Mary Vann: Doris Brough: ? Miller (Curate): Canon Howson: ? Butterworth (Curate): Nellie Newbould: Mary Ward (Died young): Letha Martha Busfield: Fanny Crowther: Amy Ludley (adopted sister of Mabel Waite): Isobel Thompson

Front row left to right: Nora Yeadon: ?: Betty Cutler (nee Exley, wife of Reuben): Ethel Potts: Marion Garth (married Harry Howard of Otley): Edith Waite.

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