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Baptist Church 1988

Baptist ChurchBaptist ChurchBaptist Church
Baptist Church
Date 1988
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
K57 + K58 & K60
Top: Memorial stones set into the wall of the church, the left one reads
"Laid by Joseph J Ogden, Former Superintendent".
The central stone is inscribed
"Laid by James Maston, Former Superintendent".
The stone on the right has
"Laid in Memory of Mrs Atkinson, Widow of J F Walsh".

Middle: The stone on the left reads
"Laid by Joseph Stewart, Superintendent".
The right stone has the wording
"Laid by Mrs Stewart in Memory of Her Husband Joseph Stewart, Former Superintendent".

Bottom: The stone on the left is inscribed
"Laid by Frederick Dawson Ossett, Former Superintendent".
The right stone says
"Laid by Frank W Dawson Ossett, Former Scholar".


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