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Back Lane

Back Lane
Back Lane, Guiseley.Back Lane, Guiseley.
Back Lane
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
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F094 + X176 & X177
Top: The house on the left is still standing and has been extended, this is a short distance from the junction with Park Road.
The buildings in the background on the left were part of Fred Twistleton's farm and were demolished around 1960 to provide more land for Guiseley School.
On the right the houses were home to Belgian refugees during the 1914-1918 War.
   A metal ring was attached to one of the houses at the front, it was used for tethering donkeys, this part of Back Lane was known as "Cuddy Hill" cuddy being an old word for donkey.
Houses and bungalows now line this section of the Lane (October 2012).

Middle: Cottages on Back Lane, the view looks towards Claughton's boot factory, the mill chimney is visible.
The house on the left is still there but the cottages have been replaced by bungalows (March 2013).

Bottom: Cottages on Back Lane, this view is unchanged except for the vehicles and external alterations to the houses (March 2013).
The street on the right is Pendragon Terrace.


The building jutting out on the right was a Confectionery shop (Dixon's) until the mid 50s
31 August 2016
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