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Back Lane (part 2)

Back Lane
Date March 2016
Location Guiseley
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Looking down Back Lane from Park Road.

Photographer Edwy Harling


2013: 24 Back Lane, the donor of these photos Colin Stanforth was born there and told us "It didn't have a porch or double glazing but there was a stone to the left of the door, on a level with the lintel with the legend "Maple Cottage EB 1935 HS", which I believe was the date of the conversion from a barn.

Number 20 on the other hand is the original farm house of the row and has a date stone of 17??. I think this possibly makes it one of the oldest continuously inhabited houses in Guiseley. Number 18 which is at the right end of the row was a more modern addition and was the farmhouse in my time "


On the left, just after the parked car is approximately the position of the end wall of the Cotopa Mill, scene of a terrible explosion in which several girls were fatally injured during WW2.

The end terrace house towards the top of the view was Dixon's confectioners shop until the late 1950s.


A799 Numbers 18 to 28 Back Lane, 28 is the white house on the right.


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