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Anglo Saxon Cross St. Oswalds 1977

Anglo Saxon Cross St Oswalds Anglo Saxon Cross St OswaldsAnglo Saxon Cross St Oswalds
Anglo-Saxon Cross, St. Oswalds Church
Date December 1977
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
A417 + A419 & A421
Top: Detail to the side of the Anglo-Saxon cross in St Oswalds Church.
The pieces which make up the cross date back to the Anglo-Saxon period of the late 9th Century.
The cross is 6 foot tall with the decorated shaft on a plain base and has a headstone.
The portion in view has a knotwork pattern incised on it.


Middle: Seen in the Baptistry, this is one of Guiseley's most ancient artefacts, an Anglo-Saxon cross.
It is 6 foot tall , a headstone on a decorated shaft with a plain base.

Bottom: A front view which shows the shaft of the cross, it stands in the church Baptistry.
It is decorated with an incised knotwork pattern.



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