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Allan Eastwoods Bull

Allan Eastwoods Bull
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
An undated photograph showing a prize bull which belonged to Allan Eastwood of Brewerey Farm, seen here outside the butcher's shop.
You have to say that there is something not quite right by today's standards displaying a live animal outside a butchers shop. I guess people were not as sensative back then.
Janet Blackburn Carlo Harrison this picture is in the book "more of old aireborough" the bull west best in show one Christmas

Aireborough Historical Society Does it say its in Guiseley Janet?

Janet Blackburn Yes Oxford Road

Ann Marie Troy Doesn't hurt for people to be aware that yes meat actually comes from animals! That's not being insensitive, it should mean that it causes us to think of animal welfare by not thinking meat's some manufactured product. Too many kids these days think meat just appears on a supermarket shelf.

Kathleen Hillman I would much like to see where the meat is come could go down the market ,in Otley and see them been sold ,we took pigs to be sold ,and got our hen from farmers .

Joyce Woods Allan Eastwood was my uncle, but he worked at Billy Murgs and then always in the mill. He lived in Yeadon all his life. I've never heard of another Allan Eastwood in Yeadon.

Margaret Hodgson Yes, it's strange how we become separated from the real thing by a polystyrene tray and a bit of plastic covering it! Note the displayed carcasses behind.

Janet Blackburn I thought it was on oxford road guiseley opposite where the Methodist church is now

Carol Moran He's a beauty, and people were less sensitive in those days.

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