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Albion Dyeworks 1996

Albion Dyeworks 1996
Albion Dyeworks 1996Albion Dyeworks 1996
Albion Dyeworks
Date February 1996
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
S89 + S90 & S91
Top: Seen from Queensway are the dyeworks and chimney.

Middle: This view looks up Queensway in the direction of Yeadon, the dyeworks is on the right.

Bottom: Looking across Queensway to the Albion Dyeworks,in the foreground is a glimpse of the fields which front onto Queensway at this point.
The fields in front of the fence on the left mostly out of view were used by the Busfield family for an unusual purpose.
When the business was founded by Charles Busfield all transport was horse-drawn, even when motor vehicles became available there was a reluctance to use them.
The company horses were very well treated and when their working lives came to an end they were retired and later buried in these fields.

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