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Abraham Moon 2006

Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill, Guiseley.
Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill, Guiseley.Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill, Guiseley.Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill, Guiseley.Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill, Guiseley.
Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill
Date 2006
Location Guiseley
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1: Part of the mill complex seen from Netherfield Road, this is Abraham Moons, the only remaining working textile mill in Aireborough.

2: View of Abraham Moon's Netherfield Mill, he began his business in 1837, the mill had it's own branch railway line spurring off from the new Guiseley line.
It is referred to as a fully vertical mill ie all processes, dyeing, carding. blending, spinning , weaving and finishing are all carried out on the premises, only the finest natural fibres are used such as wool, cashmere, silk, linen etc.

3: Entrance to Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd on Netherfield Road.
The business was founded in 1837 by Abraham Moon who was killed in an accident in 1877, his son Isaac took over the running of the mill.
A fire in 1902 left the mill a ruin, Isaac built the existing mill then he died in 1909. During the 1914 - 18 war  production at the mill was given over to military materials.
   Charles H Walsh who was mill manager, bought the company from the Moon family in 1920, he borrowed £33,000.
He had only just paid this debt off when he died in 1924, control passed to his son Frank, 30 years later his nephew Arthur took over the management.
He is still Chairman, the Managing Director is John Walsh, fourth generation of the family which took over from Moon's. (February 2013)

4: Mill complex seen from Netherfield Road.

5: A line drawing of the mill with the caption "Moon's Mill, the last working mill, near Guiseley station".


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