Aireborough Historical Society

Map 1960s Rawdon

Date 1960s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
J138 + I348 + I371 + I376 + I384 + I406 + I424     From the collection of James Farrar, donated by his son David.
1: Map showing the Canada Road, Markham Crescent area of Rawdon.

2: A map showing the Apperley Lane area.

3: Section of a map which shows Rawdon Billing.
4: A map of the Buckstone area of Rawdon.

5:  A map showing the area around Carr's Farm.
6: A map of the Crowtrees area.
7: A map showing the Layton Lane area.

Map 5 Carr Farm my auntie Mollie Moorhouse lived at no 1 New York Cottages (marked in green) with my cousin Vince in late 1940s early 1950s. Used to love walking down New York Lane to visit her. She had hens and loved all the animals on the farm. Lovely to see this as I was trying to find on Google Earth recently!
Sunday, May 14, 2017
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