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1845 Church School Presentations Guiseley

Church School Presentations
Date March 1845
Location Guiseley
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  On Easter Tuesday the children of the Guiseley Parochial Schools assembled for their public examinations and the inhabitants of the township and neighbourhood enjoyed a treat which will be long remembered by them.

The appearance of 266 fine, healthy, well clothed children with faces telling of happy hearts was in itself a most gratifying sight, but when after a searching examination, they proved themselves to have been most attentive to the zealous care and valuable instruction they have received, the satisfaction afforded to a numerous body of parents and friends will be more easily imagined than expressed.

        At two o'clock the Rev. Dr Clark, Rector of Guiseley, took the chair and the examination was conducted by the Rev. George Hills, the Rev. H P Wright, James Hambleton Esq. and Mr Galer. The answering, which was throughout excellent, called forth marks of the strongest approbation from all present and the whole scene must have been most encouraging to every friend of sound instruction, but more especially to Mr Galer, the master of the school, whose unwearied attention and kindness to the children have been thus rewarded by a result, the value of which is not to be calculated in these days of mock education.

       After the examination, the prizes (which had been ajudged on Thursday the 20th to Naylor, Demaine, Gill in the 1st Class and to Hardwick and Whiteley in the 2nd Class by the Rev W Metcalfe, Incumbent of Yeadon) were distributed, together with books of encouragement to some of the Junior children by the Rector of Guiseley.

       All were then regaled with tea and cake and at half past five the public were admitted to tea, where the liberality of the Sunday School teachers and other friends of the young had supplied a repast as excellent as it was bountiful.

During the evening the scholars were exercised in Hullah's* Class Singing and they afforded a striking proof of the great value of a system which in so short a time could render such a body of children intelligent and able musicians.

       At the conclusion of the singing, Mr James Pollard, having been deputed by the teachers of the Sunday School, came forward in the name of that body, to present to the Rev. H P Wright, Curate of Guiseley, an elegant Pocket Communion Service as a testimony of their love and respect.


Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


Further information by Christine Lovedale

      Although in 1845 no state education system was in place many schools were run by the religious orders including the Church of England.

It is thought that a school was founded for St Oswald's Church as early as 1590.

     * John Hullah (1812 -1884 ) was a composer and musical educator, he advocated a system of teaching large groups to sing.



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