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1789 Rookes Family Clothes Bill

Rookes Family Clothes Bill
Date 2 November 1789
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
The Rookes family were connected to Esholt Hall through the marriage of Ann Stansfield to William Rookes in 1758.
The bill reads:
" Miss Rookes            York 2nd Novr. 1789
To Siddall Rhodes& Co
Woollen Drapers & Taylors
To his Royal Highness
The Duke of York.

Making your Capote                                                      9
31/2 yards. superfine black ladies cloth at 17/-           2  19  6
18 Basket coat buttons 6 Brests                                   3   6
Sowing silk twists & stays                                            4   0
Sleeve lining                                                                1   6
                                                                            3   17  6
A Capote is a long coat or cloak with a hood.

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